[time-nuts] Introduction

David Forbes dforbes at dakotacom.net
Sat Jun 18 18:43:52 EDT 2005


I have just subscribed to this list after reading the archives and 
determining that it's quite worthwhile.

A bit about myself: I'm an EE currently employed in making 
spectrometers and sundry electronics for a couple millimeter-wave 
radiotelescopes in southern Arizona. http://aro.as.arizona.edu/  I 
expect to get more involved in the timekeeping work at the telescopes 
in the near future.

My paying hobby is making such silly timepieces as nixie tube 
wristwatches and oscilloscope clocks. I also like really old 
computers and the intersection of music and electronics.

I currently don't own much in the way of precision time or frequency 
equipment; a old Beckman WWV receiver and a GPS 18 puck are the only 
things keeping me in touch with UTC. I hope to improve this situation 

Having just dismantled the burned-out crystal oven in my spare HP 
5245L counter and read the E1938A design files, I'm beginning to get 
a healthy respect for those who can make a quartz crystal give 
accurate time. I think it would be fun to make an ovenized quartz 
oscillator from scratch, just to get a feel for what it's like. 
Hello, Minco!


--David Forbes, Tucson, AZ

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