[time-nuts] HP5334A Opt 010

Javier javier at nebulosa.org
Tue Jun 28 01:54:48 EDT 2005

Thanks, Flemming!

Best regards,

Javier, EA1CRB

Flemming Larsen wrote:

>Hello Javier,
>>From the HP5334A Manual Parts List:
>  05334-60001 (Standard) and 05334-6006
>  (Option 10) A1 Main Board Assemblies are
>  identical except for C8, C100 and Y1.
>The Field Installation Procedure for Option 010
>includes the following:
>  Remove A1C8 and install A1C100 using the soldering
>  iron.
>Nothing is mentioned about A1Y1 in this section, so
>it may be OK to leave this in place.
>Looking through the parts list, I notice that C8 and
>C100 (.01 uF +- 20% 50VDC CER) have the same part
>number, 0160-4554, so all that should be necessary
>is to move C8 to the C100 position on the main board.
>If you don't have the Option 010 Oven Oscillator
>Support Board, you could also "borrow" the needed
>supply voltages from the 6-pin connector on the main
>board, feed them through the rear panel, then make
>your own interface board, and mount this board and
>the HP10811 oscillator in a separate enclosure. You
>could then feed the 10 MHz signal from the HP10811
>back through the Time Base In/Out connector on the
>rear panel.
>In this case you would not need to make any
>modifications to the main board.
>You could also make your own power supply for the
>external oscillator to have a complete, stand-alone
>10 MHZ source, which you could use for other
>Sorry to bother the list, but this is NOT off-topic,
>and may be of interest to other members on the list.
>-- Flemming Larsen,   KB6ADS, OZ6OI
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