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Bill Janssen billj at
Tue Jun 28 14:05:23 EDT 2005

Ulrich Bangert wrote:

>Dear Björn,
>i did alredy try to send you a mail to your personal address, but it has
>been blocked due to reasons i do not know. Please supply a email adress
>to that i can send some info in pdf.
>df6jb at
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>>An: Discussion of precise time and frequency measurement
>>Betreff: [time-nuts] Information about FTS-1200
>>I recently bought a FTS-1200 oscillator on ebay. It looks 
>>much like the current 1000B oscillator from Symmetricom. I 
>>have a partial pinout, and it powers up fine. But I am 
>>looking for the full pinout of the 9DSUB-connector - a 
>>datasheet with performance spec - and possibly a 
>>users/service manual for the boards behind the front panel.
>>Thankful for any information!
>>    Björn
And if it is any help I have the pin outs for a 1150 oscillator. It also 
uses a 9 pin connector.

Bill K7NOM

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