[time-nuts] Spectracom 8160A schematic /op man

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Sun Mar 6 15:32:15 EST 2005

Richard I Cook wrote:

> Does anyone have a schematic or pointer to a schematic for the 
> Spectracom 8160A? I have one that oscillates but doesn't lock and I 
> need to get inside to see what is going on there. ANy other 
> documentation (operator's, maintenance manuals, etc.) would also be 
> helpful.
> Thanks,  Richard Cook, N8JEA

Hi Richard --

Which unit is the 8160A?  I have an 8164 and an 8170, and manuals for 
both.  I think that almost all the WWVB receiver boards in the 816x 
series were pretty much the same, so it's possible my manuals may be 
useful to you.

Manuals Plus (www.manualsplus.com) had, last time I looked, manuals for 
several of the Spectracom receivers.  At around $50 each, they weren't 
cheap, but they were available.


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