[time-nuts] LORAN-C questions...

wa1zms at att.net wa1zms at att.net
Sun Mar 6 15:58:50 EST 2005

I have an Austron 2100F running and have been
noting the reported frequency error against one
of my cesium standards.

What I note is the error value (as reported by
the 2100F) always "bottoms out" to a few parts in
10^12th around 3pm and 2am local time.  All other
times the error is parts in 10^11th.

I assume this is due to a mix of skywave and ground
wave propagation.  I'm currently building an active
E-field antenna to substitute for the 75m dipole I'm
using right now.  I'm tracking my closest LORAN
station which is Carolina Beach, NC.  About 400km away.

Are my observations typical of LORAN multi-path?

Thanks in advance.

-Brian, WA1ZMS

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