[time-nuts] Paper by Allan on weighted average of clocks

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Dave Allan (he's Mr. Allan - amazingly, he does not have a PhD)
has published many papers over his long, productive career.  I
might have his paper here on clock ensembles, but I'd need a bigger
hint on where/when/if it might be published in order to find it.

Sam Stein (Dr. Stein) is truly a guru in timescales and his company,
Timing Solutions, is very successful.  Thanks for the pointer to his

Agilent Labs, Palo Alto, CA

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>Subject: [time-nuts] Paper by Allan on weighted average of clocks
>Doctor Allan when at NIST did a paper on using a weighted average of an
>ensemble of clocks to get a more accurate and stable clock.
>Does anyone have a copy of that paper? I was in a meeting with 
>Dr. Allan 
>and he mentioned
>a paper but I don't remember where (or if) it was published.
>I think it would be of interest to the group.
>Bill K7NOM

One of the most advanced timescale algorithms is the KAS2 which
timing.com has patents on.  There is a paper describing it here:


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