[time-nuts] austron 2100R information

george george_margetts at nss.net
Fri Mar 18 18:24:47 EST 2005

Does anyone have Information on an Austron 2100R loran Frequency

I Got this unit off ebay. Seems to work pretty good has lots of jitter
but not much daily loss.  Day by day loss around 20 nanoseconds but
rather difficult to be exact with 80 nano jitter/sec.

The specific informtion is about the 6 or so precision pots sprinkled
across 3 circuit cards. I hope one controls sample, hold, & jitter,
filter/timing.  This unit has only one obvious control thats GRI
setting.  It uses a user provided 10mhz clock then provides phase
corrected 10mhz & 1mhz outputs.. Correcting to loran precision. Very

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