AW: [time-nuts] Strange effect with C-Field change

John Ackermann N8UR jra at
Thu Mar 24 15:29:18 EST 2005

Hubert v. Bonhorst wrote:

>If you disregard this excursion, what happened after the change. Did
>frequency change as expected? Would there have been continuity of data?
>Which TIC do you use? Which GPS receiver do you use? How many satellites did
>you track? What is the minimum elevation for satellites used?
>I know a lot of stupid questions, but ....
Hi Hubert --

Yes, after this "blip" that lasted several hours the phase abruptly 
returned to just where it was.  After things returned to normal, the 
frequency offset appears to have changed as expected (though I still 
need to gather data for another couple of days to precisely determine 
the offset).  The TIC/GPS setup has been running continuously for a 
couple of weeks (and I've been doing similar measurements with basically 
this same set-up, though sometimes using a different TIC, for a couple 
of years).  I've never seen a shift of this magnitude before.

It might have been a GPS anomaly, but the coincidence of the event 
happening just as the C field was changed is hard to ignore.  Following 
Tom's suggestion, the next step is to (very) carefully see if Jody might 
have done something else while making the change.


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