[time-nuts] Strange effect with C-Field change

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Thu Mar 24 17:36:19 EST 2005

Doug Hogarth said,

"I don't know your particular GPS, but sure looks to me like GPS lost lock
(started drifting), then somehow got bad lock twice, before finally getting
proper lock.  So I'd study GPS antenna/cable and receiver settings.
Consider adding logging of some GPS status, or at least try to enable
setting for "0D" (one satellite mode) and/or disabling the 1PPS when outside
RAIM limits.

I can't imagine the cesium somehow "knowing" how to get back in phase like

Exactly. We could speculate endlessly if the offset had stayed off set, but
it came back like nothing had happened. The 20 minute initial rise time
does not seem within spec for the lost-lock drift of the receiver. Were
you on the phone for two hours?

As to static electricity, I once worked in a blasting cap plant. The women
had to wear cotton underthings and no nylons because synthetic fabrics
created their own static electricity. It took a few accidents to figure
that out after the war (the real war, WW2).

Bill Hawkins

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