[time-nuts] HP-5370B question

Carl Walker wa1raj at arrl.net
Mon May 2 20:47:01 EDT 2005

My old 'A' version runs a bit on the warm side, too - but I've not 
measured the Trise of the heat sink. I'll do that and let you know what 
I find out.

The data I have on the unit states the input power requirement is 200 
VA, so there's the potential for a bit of dissipation in the linear 
regulators to support all this older logic.


wa1zms at att.net wrote:

>I have an HP-5370B which has a power supply heatsink that
>runs uncomfortably hot to the touch.(about 50C)  The unit
>appears to function just fine and the cooling fan is without
>dust or air blockage.

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