[time-nuts] Warning: HP oscillators on eBay from todoelmondo

Mike S mikes at flatsurface.com
Sat May 7 11:53:22 EDT 2005

At 11:09 AM 5/7/2005, Joe Geller wrote...
>that you were looking for.  But if you look at your question to him objectively, I think one can reasonably see that he took your question with regard to the output frequency.  

If you look at the answer objectively , it is obvious that the seller understands that a 10811-60111 is different than a 10811A, else why would he offer the -60111 as an alternative (which indeed implies that the item being auctioned must be something _other_ than a -60111)?

>>We also have a HP10811-60111 we can send you for the same ending auction price.

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