[time-nuts] Having fun with LORSTA list and google maps

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sun May 8 13:43:34 EDT 2005

Hi Poul:

Google is getting the images from Digital Globe.  On their web site they 
have examples of 0.61 meter resolution monochrome and 2.44 meter multi 
spectral photos and the example I recognize as Moffett Field in Mountain 
  View, California.  In the lower left corner is the big Ames wind 
tunnel and the lower right is part of the San Francisco bay.
http://www.digitalglobe.com/images/quickbird/sunnyvale_ms.jpg (multi 
(panchromatic)  You can see a number of wind tunnels that are in the 
form of a race track.  The largest tunnel also has a funnel input where 
they can test full size planes at lower speeds.  It's in that tunnel 
that someone left a tool box that did a huge amount of damage when the 
tunnel was started.  You can hear the big one all over the valley when 
it's running, usually on a Sunday afternoon when there's excess electricity.

Just above and the the left out of the frame is the Sunnyvale "Blue 
Cube" Air Force base where the space satellites are controlled.

Have Fun,


Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> In message <427E3A34.50805 at pacific.net>, Brooke Clarke writes:
>>Hi Poul:
>>The links below are one step back from full magnification for the two 
>>that I chacked 9940X & 9660X.
> I belive Google is actually producing the images-snippets "on-demand":
> they will not be available until some hours after somebody ask for
> them for the first time.

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