[time-nuts] Warning: HP oscillators on eBay from todoelmondo(RayMahoney)

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon May 9 17:30:31 EDT 2005

Also, once your GPS standard project is up and running with the -60111, I'm
sure that someone on the list would be more than happy to borrow it and
compare it to their own Cs or H standard, and give you a short-term
stability plot.  You can then look at the graph and see if the HP rock is
giving you the performance you want, and go from there.

Basically, you should sweat this particular detail at the end of the
project, not the beginning.  The OCXO is replaceable, but the time spent
worrying about it isn't.

-- john KE5FX

> >But Tom has not said (to me anyway) if the peformance of the oscillators
> >tested is randomly distributed.
> Now, don't be unreasonable.  I don't think even Tom has enough
> differeing 10811's to determine if this is so.
> Btw, have you seen this:
> 	http://www.leapsecond.com/museum/10811a/90027-1.pdf

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