[time-nuts] Lifetime of Cesium tube

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Fri May 13 00:43:26 EDT 2005

In message: <009401c55773$d4024020$0500a8c0 at darius.domain.actdsltmp>
            "Bill Hawkins" <bill at iaxs.net> writes:
: "This is an argument."
: "No, it's not!"

"No It isn't." I believe is the quote.

In the circles I run, usually molecules are referred to when talking
about chemical interaction, and atoms when talking about sub-atomic
interactions (like transitions between hyperfine states :-).  However,
other circles likley have different criteria to determine what terms
to use.  However, this argument has become less interesting than the
HP part number nuance argument that has been declared persona
non-grata.  Maybe people here can do the math... :-)


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