[time-nuts] Fine frequency adjustment in 5370B

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Sun May 15 19:12:18 EDT 2005

Tom Van Baak wrote:
>>That's what I was intending doing, although the adjustment as far 
>>courser than ideal on a counter with 11 digits.
> Many of us use HP 5370A/B's as *time interval*
> counters; typically to precisely compare two 1 PPS
> sources.
> In this case the 25 ps rms single-shot resolution of
> the counter is the key feature, not the 11-digit display,
> nor even the quality of the timebase. You're 10811
> OCXO can be off by huge amounts and you can
> still get perfectly accurate 1 PPS TI measurements.

Hi Tom,
I was aware of the accuracy of the timebase for TI measurements is not 
that critical, and TI measurements were my reason for buying the 5370B 
rather than a normal frequency counter.

However, the fact remains the 5370B is a better *frequency* counter than 
any others I have, so having the oscillator as close as reasonably 
practical, without necessarily having to have it locked to a GPS unit, 
would be useful to me.

David Kirkby,

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