[time-nuts] What does PCB with 10811 oscillator do?

Javier javier at nebulosa.org
Sat May 21 13:10:48 EDT 2005


Since the board reference is 05328-20027, seems to be the board for the 
HP 5328 counter, so the schematic diagram must be in the 5328 service 



David Kirkby wrote:

> I bought a 10811-60111 which was attached to the PCB shown in this 
> photograph:
> http://www.g8wrb.org.uk/useful-stuff/time/10811-pcb.jpg
> Can anyone tell me what it is? It seems to have some logic on it 
> (74LS90N, 74LS158N) a pot for the fine adjustment of frequency, a 
> couple of trimmer capacitors, a Motorola 1820-1052  and another chip 
> that looks like 1820-n439, but I may be wrong.
> I've got two plans for the 10811 series oscillators.
> 1) Use with the Shera board to lock to GPS, or perhaps perhaps to the 
> rubidium which is locked to GPS.
> 2) Use stand-alone, with no locking, to provide a stable reference for 
> my pendulum clock.
> I'm thinking this might be useful for the latter, as perhaps it allows 
> the fine adjustment of the frequency, an RF output connector and 
> perhaps voltage regulation on a board, without me having to worry 
> about it.
> I don't see it being much use with the Shera board, but are interested 
> in what it is, and whether it is actually much use, or best put in a bin.
> Obviously, if anyone has a circuit diagram, it would be useful.

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