[time-nuts] What does PCB with 10811 oscillator do?

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sat May 21 18:33:36 EDT 2005

Rex was very helpful, but while it's true that none of the
outputs come directly from the oscillator, they are only
switched by the multiplexer U2. There is no circuit to
lock the frequency of the oscillator to an external standard
at least not on the series 1744 schematic.

Both the internal and external standards go to separate mux
inputs. The mux is switched by the presence of an external
signal, which has to be 10 MHz. With no external signal,
the mux connects the internal standard to the counter's 10
MHz circuits at J2 and pin 13.

David might find it useful for doing comparisons.

Bill Hawkins

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