[time-nuts] HP 5370B manual - now public + smaller.

Had had at to-way.com
Sat May 21 18:49:04 EDT 2005


I'm the one who sent you the app. notes when I first noticed you looking 
for information on the 5370. Yes, my all means post them.

Hadley, K7MLR

At 03:38 PM 5/21/2005, you wrote:
>The permission from Agilent also extends to application notes. I know 
>there are some application notes around related to that instrument. If the 
>person that scanned them wants them put on that web page I will do so, but 
>not without their permission. Drop me a private email.
>If anyone does want permission from Agilent to put unsupported HP and 
>Agilent things on the web, drop me a private email and I'll give you the 
>details of how to get it. It is very simple.
>David Kirkby,
>Please check out http://www.g8wrb.org/
>of if you live in Essex http://www.southminster-branch-line.org.uk/
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