[time-nuts] hp5061A questions

george george_margetts at nss.net
Thu May 26 12:26:51 EDT 2005

I just got my first Cesium atomic oscillator (hp5061A) please help!

I dont have a meter reading for the CS oven and believe the oven is not
functioning. The cs oven controler switch is on and set to normal

Shouldn't the CS oven be on all the time like the quartz oven or are
there other signals required before the cesium beam oven activates?

And shouldn't I be able to feel heat from the Cesium beam case
indicating oven operation?

I also have no 2nd harmonic or control readings, all other reading seem
ok, what frequency would the second harmonic be?

I see some test points on a pcb interconnect strip under the bottom
cover ie 18 v  18v  18v  25-30v  synth  control 1mhz  100khz control.
are these control, control test points the same as the mult-meter
control measurement or are these all seperate control voltages for other
functions?  All voltage test points are good. I didn't check synth, or
control test points fearing that a high impedance vtvm would be required

Could someone point me to the supply point for the Cs oven heater
voltage or possibly describe the heater element itself?

Is it delicate enough that coast to coast shipping could have opened the

Are there any online documentation for the hp5061 I can use before
obtaining a service manual?

Also on the cs controler is a pot adjustment labled Mass Spect. What is
this adjustment for.

Thanks for listening.

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