[time-nuts] Accessories for Synergy GPS unit.

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Fri May 27 21:41:58 EDT 2005

Hi David:

I'm attaching a small photo showing my SynPaqIII setup.  There is a 
stock DB-9 to DB-9 cable to the computer that has the 1 PPS for TAC-32. 
There's a seperate 1 PPS on an RCA jack for instruments.  I used a wall 
wart DC supply that was on hand.  Fed the RF In BNC jack from my house 
GPS power divider.  See:

The TAC-32 software available trough TAPR has been updated many times to 
take advantage of a large number of timing GPS receivers.  See:
Note you do not need the TAC-32 hardware to use the TAC-32 software.

The 30 day free trial version is on the CNS web page:
and there's a manual there also.

This is far more than what you could program in a man year and it is 
maintained and updated.  If you want to roll your own software all you 
need to know is in the Synergy free on line manual.

Have Fun,


David Kirkby wrote:

> Hi,
> I am thinking of purchasing the Synergy SymPaQ/III GPS unit,
> http://www.synergy-gps.com/SynPaQ_IIIDataSheet.pdf
> which will be fitted with a Motorola MT12+ GPS unit. I just phoned and 
> got some prices.
> The basic unit is $295, plus $33 for an antenna. A kit is $600 - quite a 
> difference, so I don't wish to buy a kit.
> 1) Do I need the software, or are there any freebie equivalents?
> (I don't suppose some of you would be surprised to know I'd like 
> open-source software that could be compiled on my Sun, but I guess that 
> is asking too much!!! However, if I ever write any, I'll make it 
> available).
> 2) Are any of the accessories, such as cables, or whatever else is in 
> the kit worth having? My guess is not, since I will be putting this in a 
> box with power supply, rubidium, backup batteries etc. I will only run 
> the RS232 to a another RS232 socket on the back of the frequency standard.
> Just wondering if any of the cables are odd, with odd connectors, that I 
> might have a problem with. I don't think there are.
> I just wanted to check, before placing the order. Shipping is expensive 
> to the UK, so don't wish to miss anything, but I have spent quite a bit 
> on this project recently, so want to keep costs as low as possible.

w/Java http://www.PRC68.com
w/o Java http://www.pacificsites.com/~brooke/PRC68COM.shtml
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