[time-nuts] Programming of 5370B

Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
Tue May 31 17:04:22 EDT 2005

Indeed the *major* problem is doing all that processing.  I'm sure there are
more bytes involved using ASCII as well (I don't recall the numbers for each
format), but that part is lost in the added processing time.


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At 03:46 PM 5/31/2005 , David Kirkby wrote:
>What I did do however (for simplicity) was to read the data in as the
>standard ASCII, which is the default output data format of the HP. I did
>not use binary.

Doesn't the 5370B have to do more calculations to spit out ASCII data than
binary?  I think by going back to ASCII you've also moved some of the
numeric processing from your Sparc over to the little Moto in the 5370B


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