[time-nuts] GPS antenna splitters

Dave Brown tractorb at ihug.co.nz
Thu Nov 3 18:09:00 EST 2005

 I'm in the process of installing a new GPS antenna with a good view 
of the sky-the present one has trees close in to the east but to get 
clear of them I need to run an extra 80-100 feet or so.  I'll be using 
an existing run of (mainly) buried RG213 for most of the distance. 
Will have to TDR this cable run to check delay.

 As part of this exercise I need to install a three port splitter. 
I'm considering just a three way resistive split with the usual cap 
isolation and 200 ohm loads to simulate active antennas, etc.
 Any comments or suggestions regarding the current thinking on this 
topic or is it all old hat with no changes in the way this is done? 
Any related suggestions/ideas most welcome.

Dave Brown
Christchurch, NZ

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