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Tue Nov 8 11:36:58 EST 2005

Hi Folks,

the complete technical information about the Resolution T including a
complete handbook can be downloaded from the Trimble pages. Having used
the Motorola binary protocol myself, i would judge the Trimble protocol
is more easy to implemement. However, it seems as if a lot of more
information is spread over a lot more telegram types compared to
Motorola binary. So, if one is going to implement the Trimble protocol
(like me) he should expect a lot of not so difficult work. Trimble
supplies a C++ example (Tools.Zip) for pc applications. I have seen
better stuff concerning the serial communication routines but the pure
telegram decoding routines are surely ok and may save you a lot of work.

Ulrich Bangert

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> >> has anybody of you personal experience with the Trimble 
> Resolution T 
> >> time receiver? May be this one will be the definite 
> successor to the 
> >> Motorola M12+ ?
> >
> >
> Have you worked with the serial protocol ?  Is it any good ?
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