[time-nuts] GPS receiver clock bias

TwoSpades michelangelo.albertazzi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 09:51:32 EST 2005

Hi everybody,

I have got a interesting question to ask you!

Most of us have read a GPS overview, and some of us consider oneself a
GPS expert. Well, I've got the basic question about GPS timing.

In short, you know that we need a fourth satellite in order to solve
for position and clock bias (first page of every GPS overview).
Who knows what really is that deltaT (δT) named receiver clock bias?
Every book tells that it is the time bias between the receiver local
clock and the
GPS system time (GPST).
But, delta T (δT) = t1-t2.
What are precisely t1 and t2?
When I use epochs like t1 and t2, I must refer to a time scale, what's
the time scale in this case?

I don't think this is a banal question, on the contrary.
Hope to read some interesting replies.

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