[time-nuts] Question concerning failure and value of HP 5371A

Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
Fri Oct 14 18:21:38 EDT 2005

Hello everybody, 
my name is Arnold, located in southern Germany, and I am quite new 
joining this very interesting group - I got as well the fever of precise timing, 
reading all you comments lot of months back - and learning a lot from all 
your knowledge and experiences. 

I am collecting already some nice counters and oscillators, OCXOs and 
Rb-types. My target is to build a very stable and precise frequency standard 
applying gps.

Now I have the possibility to get (perhaps) a time interval counter 
hp 5371A in very nice condition, but with a small black point:
When switching on it indicates:
 " Instrument setup lost, Reset to default, Saved Configurations lost. 
Press any key to continue".
Is that a severe problem? 
Is such equipment a 'must' for serious working?
What is about the value for such a device, more than 600, 1000 ore 
more $ ?

Thank you at the moment in advance, 
I am sure that I will have to ask you in future more questions, if 

Best regards from the Lake Constance,

Arnold, DK2WT

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