[time-nuts] GPS Timing receivers

Bjorn Gabrielsson bg at lysator.liu.se
Fri Oct 7 00:27:29 EDT 2005

Magnus Danielson <cfmd at bredband.net> writes:

> > > notes, but I haven't understood yet some details (maybe they are
> > > proprietary information!).
> > > Could you indicate to me any material that can be useful to my research?
> > 
> > If anyone finds some good articles let me know too!
> Well, the first book I should recommend is really "Understanding GPS - 
> Principles and Applications" with Elliott D. Kaplan as editor. Read it.

Its from 96 and a little bit dated in some respects. but a good
book. The second edition is coming in a few months

Understanding GPS: Principles and Applications, Second Edition
ISBN 1-58053-894-0
Elliott Kaplan and Christopher Hegarty
Approx. 680 pages.
Available December 2005

Another very good book is "Global Positioning System: Signals,
Measurements and Performance" by Misra & Enge. A second edition also
expected in December.

I have found www.navtechgps.com to have a good selection of GPS
related books.

btw - has anyone evaluated L1/L2 vs L1 timing receivers. I heard
Ashtech used to have an L1/L2, Septentrio now have a version for
timing. But I do not know anyone building time&freq instruments with
dual freq GPS receivers. (exept the military CommSyncII and XLi


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