[time-nuts] Question concerning failure and value of HP 5371A

Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
Sat Oct 15 13:46:41 EDT 2005

Hi Magnus and the others in the group,
thank you very much for your comments and the help!

I had a look to the counter at the seller, propably really ok, but its at ebay 
already above 1000 $, and he believes to get much more. 
(We will see soon where it ends).
see #http://cgi.ebay.de/1-St-HP-5371A-Frequency-and-Time-Interval-Analyzer_W0QQitemZ5817342262QQcategoryZ31337QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

In Germany such devices are rare and very expensive, as there are some 
dealers buying all the good equipment and reselling them to companies with 
Even for a really defective 5371A, showing fatal errors on RAM,  
mathunit and others, they ask for at least around 600 $. 
That's not my collar size....

This forces me to try to develop a very high speed gating device with 
d-flip-flops as ripple counter, capable to work below few ns, best would 
be to count up to 500 MHz pulses (1ns), but unfortunately I am already 
an old codger who liked to work with analogue rf signals, not liking all 
the digital devices.
The point is, I do not find gates capable to work well beyond 30, 40 MHz.
I there somebody having a helpful idea how this could be solved?

PS: I had a look to the internal h/w of the hp 5371A, the ocxo is a
normal hp 10811-60111 in, I thought to find a higher qualified type in 
such devices. 

No, I am not watching all that illnesses about jamming gps etc., 
because I think that this is good calming down people, but this would 
not stop informed guys at all navigating to the target...there are other 
ways. So what.

Hello Robert in Zürich, I hope to meet you again, viele Grüsse in 
die Schweiz, nur etwa 70 Strassenkilometer von Salem.


Arnold, DK2WT

On Sat, 15 Oct 2005 00:41:12 +0200 (CEST), Magnus Danielson wrote:

>From: "Arnold Tibus" <Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de>
>Subject: [time-nuts] Question concerning failure and value of HP 5371A 
>Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 00:21:38 +0200
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>> Hello everybody, 

>Hi Arnold,

>> my name is Arnold, located in southern Germany, and I am quite new 
>> joining this very interesting group - I got as well the fever of precise timing, 
>> reading all you comments lot of months back - and learning a lot from all 
>> your knowledge and experiences. 

>I am sure you are enjoying the discussion about GPS jammers on German nuclear
>reactors? Just ponder a moment what that does to the time and frequency
>industry... ;O)

>> I am collecting already some nice counters and oscillators, OCXOs and 
>> Rb-types. My target is to build a very stable and precise frequency standard 
>> applying gps.

>Welcome to the gang, you will find yourself at home quite soon I hope.

>> Now I have the possibility to get (perhaps) a time interval counter 
>> hp 5371A in very nice condition, but with a small black point:
>> When switching on it indicates:
>>  " Instrument setup lost, Reset to default, Saved Configurations lost. 
>> Press any key to continue".
>> Is that a severe problem? 
>> Is such equipment a 'must' for serious working?

>You probably have a bad backup battery. That is easy enought to replace. To be

>What you might want to do is to get the HP 5371A service manual of the Agilent

>> What is about the value for such a device, more than 600, 1000 ore 
>> more $ ?

>Keep looking around, but they go in the range 600-1000 USD as I recall it.

>> Thank you at the moment in advance, 
>> I am sure that I will have to ask you in future more questions, if 
>> allowed.
>> Best regards from the Lake Constance,
>> Arnold, DK2WT

>Magnus - who was down to Münich for the Octoberfest

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