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None of the FW upgrades have any effect on the stability or accuracy of the
5071A. So you're correct. However each revision has had some minor change in
the way the health monitor detects and reacts to different possible error
and non-error events. Each new CBT that is shipped out has a set of the
latest ROMS included as an encouragement to upgrade at that time.

The most recent FW change was simply to remove "Agilent" and insert
"Symmetricom"  into the ID string. Certainly no reason to interrupt a
working primary standard just for the upgrade.

Dave Carlson

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  Has there been any luck in finding out what each firmware revision on the
5071A accomplished?
Of the 41 that I personally deal with, most have quite an old firmware
installed. I have been pursuing this information for quite some time, with
no luck.

Without this information, I do not see a reason to upgrade any firmware in
these Cesium clocks, Nor could I really recommend doing this in the future.
(Why take a pill, if you don't know what it's for?")

Raimond Melkers

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