[time-nuts] New guy looking for some information

Mort Denison mldenison at suscom.net
Mon Oct 24 18:25:43 EDT 2005

Hi folks,
Glad to have found this interesting mailing list.  Although not a time
displayer, and as I'm interested in old tube radios (and nixie related
gear), I've procured an old WWV receiver.  I can't find a schematic for it,
much less and operations manual, and am hoping someone on the list might
have a copy I could purchase.  It's an 11 tube receiver for 5 and 10 MHZ,
including a 6E5 eye tube.  Although it currently works, I'll have to recap
it.  And I'm sure the alignment could use some work.  It was manufactured by
Projects Unlimited out of Dayton, OH., model P-1376.  Although the company
is still active, they were unable to furnish any information about it.  I'm
guessing it's 1950's vintage and was for the US Air Force.
Mort Denison
York, PA

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