[time-nuts] GPS timing receivers

Bjorn Gabrielsson bg at lysator.liu.se
Tue Oct 25 15:53:36 EDT 2005

"EJ  Kroon" <ejkroon at hetnet.nl> writes:

> I use a Topcon receiver. This receiver has two outputs for 1
> pps. One I use for 
> GPS 1pps output and the other for Glonass 1pps output. Also it has
> two 1pps inputs. This  
> are event inputs and is able to use the internal counter (resolution
> 25 ns) of the receiver. 

Event marker inputs are not that uncommon. Sure, you can timetag an
external 1PPS, but they are not restricted to 1PPS input signals.

Most geodetic L1/L2 receivers have event maker inputs, many high
quality L1 receivers as well. The Trimble Acutime/Palisade timing
receivers also does this, actually the palisade ntp driver use this
feature instead of the normal 1PPS out. 



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