[time-nuts] Xtal Oscillator Aging

Rick Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Thu Oct 27 14:46:23 EDT 2005

Good question.  The internal insulation is foam, which should
preclude convection (which is the only process which is gravity/
orientation sensitive.  External convection should have negligible
effect.  We used to test these things in environmental chambers
with big fans blowing air around and with drafts of evaporated
liquid nitrogen blowing directly against them.  The oven is so
bulletproof that nothing you can do externally has much effect,
even on a transient basis.  It's hard to believe how good this
oven is if you haven't seen it yourself.  The double integrator
in the control loop is awesome.

BTW, the intended application was as a card in a VXI cage, etc.
Many of those cages have the card in a vertical orientation.

Rick Karlquist

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <MGEKKFGEAIKJOOPJPGIKAEDGFPAA.richard at karlquist.com>, "Richard
> \(Ric
> k\) Karlquist \(N6RK\)" writes:
> Richard,
> I've browsed the E1398 papers and was left with one question which
> I couldn't immediately find an answer to:
> Is the cylindrical design meant for use in one orientation only
> (axis orthogonal to temperature gradient/airflow) or can it be used
> in any orientation ?
> It seems to me that if the axis is oriented vertically, the temperature
> gradient problem would apply to this design too ?
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