[time-nuts] HP 5371A Available

Had had at to-way.com
Sat Oct 29 14:41:50 EDT 2005

Hi Brother Nuts,

I recently acquired a exceptionally clean HP 5372A Opt 30 (2GHz channel C), 
this makes my very nice 5371A excess to my needs.

I am offering it to the forum before it goes to "greedBay" I am not posting 
a price as I would like to talk to interested parties (phone/email). Also 
I'm a test equipment junkie besides a time-nut and there is a possibility 
that I might consider a trade for interesting goodies.

Things to know: This is a large, heavy instrument and shipping outside the 
US and Canada would be VERY expensive.

As a courtesy service to the buyer I will replace the backup battery 
(Lithium Primary Cell) and set the internal oscillator against my in house 
Rb-Cs standards, although I highly recommend running it from an outboard 

The only Cravat that I'm aware of is that the CRT front plex had been 
removed before I got this unit, this in no way compromises its functionality.

I will be happy to talk to fellow nuts about this and pics. will be 
available if you contact me with your email address. I can be reached at 
425/774-4100 or at had at to-way.com. I would consider meeting someone part 
way, for a local pickup, in the Seattle-Portland, OR area.

Again, this is a fully functional 5371A and I have no problem standing 
behind it. It comes with two HP 54002A, 50 Ohm input Pods. Manuals are 
available for download at the Agilent site.


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