[time-nuts] DC Voltage Ramp?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sun Sep 4 01:54:14 EDT 2005

Hi Tom:

The plot at http://www.thinksrs.com/products/PRS10.htm showing GPS and 
Rb indicates that GPS for times less than say 500 seconds has more noise 
than the Rb source.  So a voltage ramped 1000B should be very clean 
below 500 seconds.

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Tom Van Baak wrote:

>>I was thinking of using a Datum 1000B Ultra Stable Oscillator (the one 
>>used in the FTS 4060 Cesium standard).  The data sheet says that after a 
>>few years the aging rate gets down to parts in E-12/day.  I would think 
>>that the Allan plot would be cleaner if the control voltage was well 
>>behaved than if it was derived from a noisy process like GPS or maybe 
> The 1000B makes a good standalone standard.
> What tau range of the Allan plot were you thinking
> of making cleaner?
> Note that frequency standards like the HP 105B
> use a very clean control voltage: a 10k pot.
> /tvb
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