[time-nuts] Cesium beam tube on eBay

Dave Carlson dgcarlson at sprynet.com
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Yes, 05061-6077 is the Standard Performance CBT. can anyone read any part of
the serial number? It might help to narrow down the age. The last 5 digits
are actually more important than the first 4 before the "A".


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> This might interest someone.
> The description of how it was obtained is interesting.
> "I got this from a scrap yard. The folks there save vacuum tubes for me
and when they saw "tube" on
> this they pulled it out of the test set. I don't see any cut wires so it
looks like they unhooked it.
> It is about 15 by 5 1/2 inches. "
> I'd hate to guess the value of the item they destroyed to pull the "tube"
for him!!

Somebody tossed an HP 5061 on the scrap-yard. Look up the value of an HP
in unknown condition and there you are. Chances are the tube is gone.

On page 6-18 of the HP 5061A service manual you find it listed as the Cesium
Beam Tube Assembly, reference designation A12 if you care. From the looks of
this is the standard performance tube.

HP XXXXX-6YYYYY is parts of HP XXXXX. HP XXXXX-9YYYY is manuals for HP
Usefull rought pointer derived from "On the large label is has part number


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