[time-nuts] Off the wall: anyone with experience programming HP 3456A?

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Fri Sep 9 21:52:57 EDT 2005

By any chance, has anyone here done any GPIB programming of the HP 3456A
DMM?  I am having great trouble getting it to output SRQ at the end of a
reading; it appears as though it simply doesn't recognize the "SM"
command that the manual says should be used to set the SRQ mask.

Setting the mask with, e.g., "SM004" which according to the manual
should cause SRQ to be asserted at the completion of a reading, results
in the "004" being briefly displayed on the LED during setup, but no
sign of SRQ actually being asserted.  I've tried numerous values of the
octal code representing the status byte, but all act the same.

I realize it's a long shot, but wonder if anyone here has wrestled with



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