[time-nuts] Some HP Journal scans

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Tue Sep 13 04:29:36 EDT 2005

I've just finished scanning the HP Journal issues that cover the 8566A and
8568A spectrum analyzers.  They make great reads if you own or use one of
these beasts.

These issues are very applicable to the later -B suffix instruments as well,
since the differences were confined to their CPU sections.  Here are some
links for any who might be interested:

(HP 8568A, June 1978, 12.5 MB)

(HP 8566A, August 1979, 16.5 MB)

(HP 8662A, February 1981, 12.7 MB; I've had this one lying around for

PLEASE NOTE: I will remove these files within 24-48 hours to reclaim the
space they're taking up, so anyone who wants them should download them asap.

As with any large .PDF files, I don't recommend trying to browse or print
them online; save a local copy to your own hard drive first.

-- john, KE5FX

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