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Forwarded from dcunningham at agilent.com, who's not a list subscriber:

Thanks, Magnus.  A couple of quick notes for you, and I'll also be posting a more comprehensive explanation on the group site in the next few days.

1) I can take requests, but that doesn't mean I'll easily be able to find a manual if I don't have the file already.  It does give me more reason to look for that specific product, which is good.  I also have many files that aren't on the Agilent site, and won't be for a while.  I'm building an FTP site where I can post those manuals temporarily until I have time to load them onto our site, and that should help.  I'll put everything there, and I'll also have a way for people to send me manuals they have.
2) I did review BAMA and many other sites for the top 200 manuals I was looking for.  I don't look there for everything--I just don't have time.  If someone finds a manual there, however, and then sends it to me, I'll be happy to use it.  That assumes, of course, that the quality is ok....
3) Finally, I'd love to help with HP Journal, but like with the 1000s of manuals we don't have, I'm time-limited on what I can do even with manuals.  I can definitely post things like this to the FTP site, and we're just going to have to find out together how things work from there.  The more the HP_Agilent group and others like them help me, the more I can share--that will be a big help!

Magnus, let me know what manuals you're looking for, and I'll let you know what I've got.  Thanks for pushing me to consider more things--I'm glad this effort seems to be making a difference for you.


Dave Cunningham
Agilent EPSG eBusiness
dcunningham at agilent.com
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>> John Miles wrote:
>>> > I've just finished scanning the HP Journal issues that cover the 
>>> > 8566A and 8568A spectrum analyzers.  They make great reads if you 
>>> > own or use one of these beasts.
>>> > 
>>> > These issues are very applicable to the later -B suffix instruments 
>>> > as well, since the differences were confined to their CPU sections.  
>>> > Here are some links for any who might be interested:
>> <snip>
>>> > -- john, KE5FX
>> I wonder if Dave Cunningham could would be able to put them online at 
>> the Agilent site, along with other documentation?

I would sure enjoy if they could make other HPJ articles available.

BTW, could you have an update list of things he needs published?
Also, does he takes requests? I have one or two things which I don't have manual for and it would solve quite alot of problems for me if I could get a manual for them.

Have he raided BAMA and brought things up from that?


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