[time-nuts] Some HP Journal scans

Mark Kahrs mark.kahrs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 22:09:41 EDT 2005

There is a copyright issue as well. Believe it or not, HP still has the 
digital version of the HPJ on the web. So technically Agilent might not own 
the material in question. I know I obtained clearance for a picture taken 
from the journal via HP, not Agilent.

On 9/13/05, Mike Feher <mfeher at eozinc.com> wrote:
> Some years ago I sold my collection of Journals that went all the way back
> to the first issue to someone on this list. It is up to him if he desires 
> to
> come forward and offer them for scanning. It would be a humungous effort,
> so, I would not be surprised if he decides to stay quiet. I probably would
> stay quiet :). Too much to do and hardly enough time. No wonder we are
> "nuts". Regards - Mike
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