[time-nuts] Other HP 10x manuals (was HP 107BR)

David Forbes dforbes at dakotacom.net
Thu Sep 15 12:49:49 EDT 2005

>>I have a problem with my old faithful standard, an HP 107BR. The
>>regulated voltages are zero, although the raw +46 is there. Anyone 
>>have a power supply schematic I could set a copy of?
>>Well aged standard. It did better than 30 years service in our Paumalu
>>Hi Intelsat earth station before moving the K1YCM/3 for additional 
>>      Les


Sorry, I do not have that manual on hand.

However, if anyone's interested, I have manuals for the following HP 

103AR  quartz oscillator
105A/B quartz oscillator
113BR  mechanical clock (a rare bird and a fascinating manual)

and the Efratom FRK rubidium source.

The above manuals were all salvaged by an astute engineer here at 
Steward Observatory as NRAO's local office is moving itself from 
Tucson to Charlottesville VA.

I'd be happy to scan these as time permits to get them on the Web, 
since they do not appear to be currently viable products for Agilent 
and the manuals aren't available as scans anywhere that I know of. I'd 
want to talk to the Agilent fellow first to see what he thinks.

Curiously, Agilent's obsolete PDF index lists the 105B as sold to 
Symmetricom, although they don't have it on their website. Presumably 
they have killed it as a product since it competes directly with the 
1050A they sell already.

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