[time-nuts] HP 113BR (was Other HP 10x manuals)

David Forbes dforbes at dakotacom.net
Thu Sep 15 13:52:26 EDT 2005

Bill Hawkins wrote:
> David Forbes wrote, in part,
> "113BR  mechanical clock (a rare bird and a fascinating manual)"
> Rare? I have two of them, and a manual. If I thought they had
> any value, I'd get them working again. One ran for two years
> until the 103 gave out. The other didn't work, but I'd lost
> interest in trying for <1 second per year so I didn't fix it.
> All I had then was the 103AR and a selection of WWV receivers.
> Bill Hawkins


No, they aren't common, but that doesn't mean that they have value.

I also find the 113BR to be a fascinating piece of mechanical wizardry 
produced by an electronics company. It's a rather unique mantel clock, 
if nothing else. (To truly do it justice, the owner should have a 
working 5060A on the floor nearby.)

But keeping the 113BR going requires the skills of a mechanical 
clockmaker, which I am *not* by a long shot. I'll stick to displaying 
the time on CRTs, thank you.

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