[time-nuts] Other HP 10x manuals (was HP 107BR)

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Thu Sep 15 20:47:04 EDT 2005

Hi Brooke,

I don't have a manual for the 115BR, so I had to rely
on my inherent mechanical intuition... I had to
replace one ball bearing, and since it was an odd size,
I had to turn an adapter on my lathe.  I took apart all
of the other shielded ball bearings, and washed them down
in varsol to remove all the old waxy grease.  I then regreased
them with a thin white lithium grease.

There is a *very* important thing you must know
about the 115BR, and that is after setting the time,
you must run it through some motion.  If you set the
time too close to the flip over points, the odometer
will lock up, and explode!  I don't remember the exact
rules I worked out, but I found that if I turned the
motor by hand through several seconds, I could tell if
I had made what would be a fatal mistake under motor
drive.  Mine exploded once, and I got lucky that the
damage was repairable.

Hopefully, the 115 manual talks to this point.


Brooke Clarke wrote:
> Hi Chuck:
> Is there a procedure in the manual for doing that?
> Thanks,
> Brooke

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