[time-nuts] Distribution Amp

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sat Sep 24 12:53:41 EDT 2005

Mike Feher said,

" It will be ideal to drive a bunch of test equipment simultaneously
from the same source. "

You mean one equipment per output, right? Paralleling 50 ohm inputs
will result in the wrong termination resistance for a cable. This may
not be a problem for a 10 MHz sine wave, as long as the direct coupled
emitter follower can handle the load.

I have used networks where the devices are high impedance. The cable
sees 50 ohms at both ends. Some test equipment has an optional 50 ohm
terminator, for use as a high impedance device.

Suppose I have 3 frequency synthesizers that have optional terminators.
Are there any ill effects, except phase shift, from putting them all on
the standard's output, if only the end one is terminated?

Has anyone tried the high impedance distribution scheme?

Seems like "simultaneously" would be relative, unless the distribution
cables are all of the same length.

Bill Hawkins

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