[time-nuts] Austron Loran 2100

EJ Kroon ejkroon at hetnet.nl
Mon Sep 26 14:31:36 EDT 2005


I am trying to repair a Austron Loran model 2100.
I foud out that the eprom was fault. Now I am looking
for the hex files to make new eproms. Maybe somone
has this for me. The eproms (U41,U42,U34) has the following
information Firmware 2100T. Revision 205.
Checksum U41:E5D0 U42:2FEB U43:56E6
If someone has for me a hex dump I would be
very pleased. Already I changed the microprossesor
and memory. But it did not help.

Best Regards,
Erik Kroon (Pe1RQF)

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