[time-nuts] Fw: HP 105 powersupply problems

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Hi all,

Using a Variac over a long period of time is great with conventional
(Transformer-rectifier-capacitor) linear PSU's, but be careful with more
modern equipment with switchmode PSU's. They can draw excessive current
during undervoltage conditions.
Still use your Variac, but ramp it up a little quicker, maybe 30s to a
minute. Watch out for auto supply voltage (115/230) switch designs too,
it's best not to cross the switching boundary too slowly as they may not
switch back from voltage doubling to full-wave rectification resulting
in very excessive internal voltages.
If you don't have a Variac, try a low wattage (40W) light bulb in series
with the supply to limit the current.

Robert G8RPI.

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>I had similar problems with my HP105, not bad transistors, check
>out the filter capacitors. Electrolytics in any equipment past 15-20
>years of age could be suspect. I'd look there first.

In general when powering up equipment that has been turned of for
years:  Use a variac and ram the voltage up slowly over a couple of

Electrolytics can loose their polarisation over time and if exposed
to full voltage they are likely to splatter all over the place, but
if you give them a slow start they will most often recover their
polarisation and work fine.

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