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The extra 3 kHz or so is due to the buffer gas shift of the Rb hyperfine 


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> Help me! I need explanation!
> Robert Lutwak wrote:
>>With that said, the Perkin-Elmer rubidium on the IIR
>>satellites is an outstanding clock, unquestionably
> the
>>best rubidium ever manufactured for any application,
>>with short-term stability an order-of-magnitude
> better
>>than the IIF cesiums.  The drift is also remarkably
>>low for a rubidium oscillator, compared to commercial
>>rubidium, and, with daily updates, they will
>>outperform the cesiums, though the cesiums will beat
>>them outside of a week or so.
> Well, i've got the PDF brochure for the Perkin-Elmer,
> and it's indiscutably an outstandingly superb Rubidium
> frequency standard (458 000 hours MTBF!!!), but
> there's something that ticks me here, and i've seen it
> on other rubidium standards. Let me explain:
> On the brochure, the output frequency is 13.40134393
> MHz and in the RF section of the block schematic, we
> can see that the 13.40134393 MHz OCXO is multiplied
> 510  times (classic x6 followed by an SRD x85) before
> driving the physics. If my calculator is OK, that
> gives me 6834685404.3 Hz. However, the hyperfine
> transition of Rubidium is at 6834682612.8 Hz! A
> difference of 2791.5 Hz (0.40843 PPM)!!!! I don't
> understand! That's not a Lada, that's a "Ferrari"
> grade standard!
> As i wrote earlier, i've seen a similar difference on
> another (Efratom, if i remember) Rb standard! Can
> someone explain me? I don't understand!
> Thanks for your attention!
> Normand Martel
> Montreal, Canada
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