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I apologize for the huge files. You can access these (and lots more) at
www.synergy-gps.com. Just sign into the Technical Support page and then
click on "Shop Talk".  


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The UT+ and M12+ Timing receivers are completely different animals, both
in size and communications. I have attached a couple of docs I wrote
some time ago concerning the differences. This should be helpful. 

There were no production releases between 2.2 and 3.0. 3.0 was so
different from 2.2 that Motorola decided to indicate a major rev. by
going to v3.x. Hardware did not change at all.

It's easy to reflash these units, but it can only be done here at
Synergy. The code is encrypted and needs a hardware dongle and a custom
program to do the reflash. This is a $25 process. If anyone wants to
discuss re-flashing please contact me offline so we don't start taking
too much bandwidth from the list. 

The 100PPS works fine in both 2.2 and 3.2. It actually worked well in
v3.0 but 3.0 had other problems. When Motorola recompiled for 3.1 to fix
the problems in 3.0 the 100PPS bug snuck in. v3.2 fixed that and was the
production firmware until the UT+ was discontinued.

randy at synergy-gps.com

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F.O.Q. (Full of questions!!!)

First, is the Oncore UT+ the same unit as the M12+?
And if not, are there significant differences between both units?
Briefly, would you suggest me to spend more on a M12+ than a UT+ ?? (or
let me wait until july for the allnew M12M...)

Also, Randy Warner suggests only versions 2.2 or 3.2.
What happened between versions 2.2 and 3.0 ? (it looks like that there
have been major hardware changes...)

And... Is it easy to reflash one of those units? (do we need special
hardware, and are reflashing software / firmware easily available on the

Finally....On R5122U1112 (version 2.2), how is the 100 PPS behavior? (if
i refer to the PDF file uploaded by Randy, a significant correction has
been brought to the 100 PPS only on the version 3.2 firmware...)

Thanks and 73 de Normand VE2UM.
P.S.: Are transactions accepted on this forum? (for example, asking
anyone if they have GPS boards for

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