[time-nuts] Motorola Oncore Basic Command @@Bk Help

Randy Warner RWarner at synergy-gps.com
Sat Apr 29 14:14:38 EDT 2006


You can download the entire VP (6 and 8 channel) command reference on
our website.

1. Go to www.synergy-gps.com
2. Go to Technical Support Page and fill in the survey
3. Go to "Shop Talk"
4. On the Shop Talk page scroll all the way to the bottom and download
the VP Command Reference.

I made this several years ago by scanning in Chapter 6 from the Motorola
manual, running it
Through OCR, and then reformatting it. I also added some extra
information to explain a
Little more about how each command works aqs the Motorola version was
sorely lacking.

Hope this helps,

Randy Warner
Senior Applications Engineer
Synergy Systems, LLC 

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Hello Everybody,

Does anyone here know what the Motorola Oncore "@@Bk"
command does? It is from a "Basic" 6 channel Model.
More importantly does anyone have the docs for it?

Many hanks in advance,

-George, N2FGX

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