[time-nuts] UPS packing and shipment

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sun Apr 30 13:16:08 EDT 2006

I have shipped a number of heavy and fragile items via the local UPS 
stores (there were 2 local stores here, now down to one). I have always 
let them pack the heavy items (and paid for the service). They do a good 
job and I have sold a number of scopes and other heavy instruments 
(spectrum analyzers) that way with no damage ever reported. One 466 
scope that went to Columbia I packed myself using the UPS technique but 
twice (double boxed) and shipped USPS because UPS is such a pain with 
international shipments. No damage either. After getting friendly with 
the UPS store lady, she now lets me help with the packing operation and 
I get a discount on the cost. I can make extra sure the item is well 
packed that way and save a few $ (and save time).


Didier KO4BB

Bill Hawkins wrote:

>Two things come to mind -
>1. Has the restriction on shipping c(a)esium gone away?
>2. The R-390 class receivers are about the weight of a 5061. I've never
>heard anything good from the r390 list about using UPS stores for
>anything over 10-20 pounds. There have been disaster stories about the
>condition of sets that were shipped by such stores. They don't understand
>about double boxing and the ability of an object to settle to the bottom
>of a pile of peanuts during shipment. Personally, my best shipping
>experience was an R-391 (pickup only, many states away) that I had picked
>up, crated and shipped by an air freight company. Cost $150 about 15 years
>ago. Would have been more expensive if I hadn't picked it up from the air
>freight terminal at the airport.
>Well, maybe three things ...
>3. Insurance pays the shipper if damage to the package can be proved
>quickly by the shippee. It is best to be there and refuse to accept the
>shipment if the box is leaking peanuts. Some trust is required for payment.
>Bill Hawkins

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