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Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
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Well, there you go. It seems to be human nature to not challenge a
lesson already learned, so that improvements are not noticed.

Thanks for the update.

I bought a Tracor 4040 cesium standard several years ago. The sale was
local because the shipping case for the unit carried a warning about
cesium inside. Cesium is flammable in water. Never mind that it is a
small quantity sealed in a welded steel tube. The seller had investigated
shipping and was deterred by the special handling required to ship
dangerous flammable materials.

Bill Hawkins

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> 1. Has the restriction on shipping c(a)esium gone away?

I didn't know there was a restriction. I told the UPS guy what I wanted to
ship and he even claimed to know what it was. He said he had shipped one

> 2. The R-390 class receivers are about the weight of a 5061. I've never
> heard anything good from the r390 list about using UPS stores for
> anything over 10-20 pounds. There have been disaster stories about the
> condition of sets that were shipped by such stores. They don't understand
> about double boxing and the ability of an object to settle to the bottom
> of a pile of peanuts during shipment. Personally, my best shipping
> experience was an R-391 (pickup only, many states away) that I had picked
> up, crated and shipped by an air freight company. Cost $150 about 15 years
> ago. Would have been more expensive if I hadn't picked it up from the air
> freight terminal at the airport.

I voiced my concern about peanuts to the UPS guy and he said that he would
use thick foam sheets. He said he ships heavy stuff all the time. He also
said that if UPS boxed it and it was damaged in shipping, they would pay the
claim without any hassle, vs someone else boxing it. I assume he knew what
he was talking about, as he was the UPS Store manager.

> 3. Insurance pays the shipper if damage to the package can be proved
> quickly by the shippee. It is best to be there and refuse to accept the
> shipment if the box is leaking peanuts. Some trust is required for

Yes, if the box is obviously damaged upon delivery, it should either be
immediately opened or refused, depending on the condition. I have made the
UPS driver wait while I opened a damaged box in the past. However, if UPS
takes responsibility for their own packaging job (as I was told), then I
would feel more comfortable about things. I am willing to arrange most any
type of shipping (within reason), as long as the buyer is willing to pay for

> P.S. Is 20 the right value for beam current, or is it half of normal?

I just checked my copy of the manual and it says that 20 is "nominal" for
beam current.

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