[time-nuts] For Sale - HP 5061B Cesium

David Andersen dga+ at cs.cmu.edu
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HP has a shipping exemption for their standards.  I don't know what  
one needs to do to take advantage of it.  In the general case, you  
can't ship caesium, but the HP stuff is - as noted - small and  
sealed, and they jumped through the hoops.


On Apr 30, 2006, at 5:02 PM, Bill Hawkins wrote:

> Well, there you go. It seems to be human nature to not challenge a
> lesson already learned, so that improvements are not noticed.
> Thanks for the update.
> I bought a Tracor 4040 cesium standard several years ago. The sale was
> local because the shipping case for the unit carried a warning about
> cesium inside. Cesium is flammable in water. Never mind that it is a
> small quantity sealed in a welded steel tube. The seller had  
> investigated
> shipping and was deterred by the special handling required to ship
> dangerous flammable materials.
> Regards,
> Bill Hawkins
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>> 1. Has the restriction on shipping c(a)esium gone away?
> I didn't know there was a restriction. I told the UPS guy what I  
> wanted to
> ship and he even claimed to know what it was. He said he had  
> shipped one
> before.
>> 2. The R-390 class receivers are about the weight of a 5061. I've  
>> never
>> heard anything good from the r390 list about using UPS stores for
>> anything over 10-20 pounds. There have been disaster stories about  
>> the
>> condition of sets that were shipped by such stores. They don't  
>> understand
>> about double boxing and the ability of an object to settle to the  
>> bottom
>> of a pile of peanuts during shipment. Personally, my best shipping
>> experience was an R-391 (pickup only, many states away) that I had  
>> picked
>> up, crated and shipped by an air freight company. Cost $150 about  
>> 15 years
>> ago. Would have been more expensive if I hadn't picked it up from  
>> the air
>> freight terminal at the airport.
> I voiced my concern about peanuts to the UPS guy and he said that  
> he would
> use thick foam sheets. He said he ships heavy stuff all the time.  
> He also
> said that if UPS boxed it and it was damaged in shipping, they  
> would pay the
> claim without any hassle, vs someone else boxing it. I assume he  
> knew what
> he was talking about, as he was the UPS Store manager.
>> 3. Insurance pays the shipper if damage to the package can be proved
>> quickly by the shippee. It is best to be there and refuse to  
>> accept the
>> shipment if the box is leaking peanuts. Some trust is required for
> payment.
> Yes, if the box is obviously damaged upon delivery, it should  
> either be
> immediately opened or refused, depending on the condition. I have  
> made the
> UPS driver wait while I opened a damaged box in the past. However,  
> if UPS
> takes responsibility for their own packaging job (as I was told),  
> then I
> would feel more comfortable about things. I am willing to arrange  
> most any
> type of shipping (within reason), as long as the buyer is willing  
> to pay for
> it.
>> P.S. Is 20 the right value for beam current, or is it half of normal?
> I just checked my copy of the manual and it says that 20 is  
> "nominal" for
> beam current.
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